our wool


100% australian grown and spun


Wool is most beautiful, most kind to our skin and best for the earth in its natural form. 

Our unique development of a superior micron merino Australian wool yarn, is at the heart of Wolfgang Scout. As designers and makers we know first hand the satisfac­tion of creating something unique and the importance of using the best materials for the job.

We buy wool by the bale in its original state, sourced from farms that share a philosophy in keeping to our standards.  

GROWER & SHEEP– having our yarn TRACEABLE and knowing the wool grower was important to us. We use 100% Australian Superfine Merino. A quality of micron that you rarely find in handknit garments. We use non-mulesed, RWS (responsible wool standard) certified wool, meaning the animals and the land are treated with care and respect.

SCOURING CARDING & COMBING – we use no chemicals in the processing of our wool. It is all purely mechanical, washing, combing to get the ‘vegetable matter’ aka bit of grass and seed, out of the wool.  As a result, you might find some little bits of paddock in the pieces. We call these ‘little bits of love’, it reminds us where our product has come from.

SPINNING – we worked closely with a small scale spinner to get exactly the type of yarn we wanted. Something that exemplified the quality of the raw material and celebrated wool in its purest form. As a result, we developed the lightest, softest, least spun yarn you could imagine. And we did it!! Ok, so that does mean that you need to take a little more care with the product. It will pill, all wool will, but this will a little more because of how soft and unstructured the spin is.

It takes a little more love and care, but it’s worth it.

Our yarn is presented to buy in skeins, and comes in a beautifully considered and unexpected fashion palette. With a remark­ably soft handfeel our knitwear and yarn is produced with a lower micron count than you would usually find, with none of the harmful chemicals found in most wool garments today.

Our yarns are environmentally friendly, sustainably produced, and responsi­bly dyed with minimal water wastage to our own unique color palette.

Marianne Horton